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Mar 1, 2014 12:00am PST
's dealing with the difficult subject matter. it deals with religion and catholicism, and there are some criticisms, and people get touchy when you criticize their religion. you have to be careful. i knew if i could make people laugh people relax a little. they are not so scared about talking about difficult subjects. lex like i am the first woman you have ever fallen in love with? >> sure. and i wasn't your first love? >> of course not. >> i thought i was. stop it. it's dumb. how old are you? come on. >> 41. seen -- scene, it's about 14 minutes long. talk to me about the reason for doing that, why you think it works? that's a long opening scene, but it works. >> we rehearsed this take probably 21 days as a dialogue -- we are driving the car 20 miles of road that has to be blocked out with this crazy take. the kids are asleep in the car. when you are young you are always talking, and you are with the woman and she is with you and your philosophizing. what's going to happen as you get older? those moments of whimsy are hard to find. that was the germ that started the screenplay. where ar
Feb 26, 2014 12:00am PST
of a truth in history. if you can actually identify somebody and take that person's religion, as it were, adopt it and -- the holy roman empire under constantine did what anyone would do. they take a narrative that appeals to them and apply it to their situation. i am not aware of any other inup of people who go so far opposition to who they are and what they look like, but we swallowed it wholesale. >> is a brainwashing or conditioning? a certain amount of brainwashing thinking we cannot be capable of divinity, redemption, or being a conduit thereof, but i think we have been conditioned to think of ourselves as lesser because we cannot identify that image. that image is really important, ,he man with the flowing robes blonde hair, blue eyes, looked absolutely -- if you go there today, nobody looks like that. and that was a time pre-era, so even more he would have looked african, ethiopian. constantine in particular, took that story and made the image into themselves, and then the holy roman empire went about conquering the rest of the world, and they took this image of the holy savior,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2